Another Round in a New Home

2017 #ROW80 Round 2: Goal Post |10 Minute Novelist: Update #13

As I mentioned before, I decided to move all my writing posts and progress reports to a new home. I had this website for about two years, but this is actually my first post here. It’s a slow venue to share more about the writing process itself, marketing, design, etc. More gear to authors than readers, but in most cases, those lines intersect.

Since I’m launching a secondary pen name, it makes more sense to have this updates in one place. I never talk specifics about my stories, so there’s nothing to worry about heat levels or graphic content. Everything in here would remain impartial and to the point. Yes, I’d talk about my projects in general and many other things, but if you want to know more about a particular story, then you would have to visit my other websites.

Lila Leigh Hunter – Homoerotic Romances

Leigh Hunter – Romances with female leads and their male contraparts

Without that out of the way, these are my plans for the next 80 days. Good luck, everyone!



  • Edit Frosted Liabilities
  • Draft 2 X-mas Shorts; one for each pen name


  • Write & Edit X-Mas Shorts


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