Easter Break

2017 #ROW80 Round 2: Update #4 | 10 Minute Novelist: Update #15

I backdated this post, but I’m actually writing it Monday night since I took a couple of days off for the end of the Holy Week. Happy Easter to those who celebrated, and I hope, you all, had a great week.

Last week I did some editing, wrote several book reviews, and created some Scrivener files. I’m still getting used to the program, but using the template option is working pretty well.

I’m still unsure about the direction of my stories, but I think I’m getting to a better place. Thank you, guys, for your words of encouragement. It’s easy to lose sight of the end goal when trying to write what we enjoy and trying to anticipate the market.

I hope everyone has a fulfilling week to come!


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2 thoughts on “Easter Break

  1. Eden says:

    It’s brave to write the stories you want to read and hope that the market responds, Thing is, the market is just plain fickle anyway, and that’s all one really can do. But… oh how we try so hard to predict, to appease, to adjust…

    Do what you can, write what you love… at least that way you have done something that brought you joy for a time, you know you did you best… and you have a chance of sharing that joy with someone else.

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