2017 #ROW80 Round 2: Update #5

Today is reading day. I’m taking part of a read-a-thon and I’m reading books by one of my favorite authors in the genre I write on. Her books always remind me of the reasons I want to write my books. I don’t think I’m going to start writing again yet, but I’m using this time to refocus and plot.

As for progress, I have kept my blogging and review schedules. Also, I created the cover for a writing project compilation I’m working on my website and catch up with everything I missed during the Easter weekend. So, I have a somehow productive and relaxing couple of days.

Plus, I started taking part of the #RomanceFit challenge on Twitter. Adding some exercises to my writing routine. So far, so good.


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A Round of Words in 80 days is the writing challenge that knows you have a life.


One thought on “Read-A-Thon

  1. Beth Camp says:

    So far, so good could be the start of many new threads of reflecting and writing. I thought #romancefit was related to writing, so checked it out. Surprise! Fitness! But I hope you persevere. I just resumed swimming 3x/week and am enjoying. Maybe that’s the influence of spring. So happy reading and happy writing.

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